1. Nico Krijno, Sex Fruit, 2013

    -new artist i just discovered

  2. I want it I want It

    Neneh Cherry’s Everything

    Directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

  3. David Uzochukwu, 15 year old photographer from Luxembourg.


    Cry me a river. on Flickr.

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  4. So good! Thank you Mao and Ego Trip.

    (Source: egotripland.com)

  5. From Nicholas Nixon’s series, “Bebe and I.”

    'I know, it's very unromantic. When I was younger, I needed to see fresh things - to see freshly with my eyes, but now it's seeing the wonderful things in front of me. That's the interesting challenge. That's “Bebe and I.”' -From Lens blog by James Estrin

  6. Alana Dee Haynes via Bolia Blog

  7. Getting Holiday crafty at the mansion

  8. Hair Typography by Monique Goossens

  9. Beautiful photo of Frank Ocean by Nabil

    (via: NYMag)


  10. image

    The trial and error involved in making broccoli look fashionable.

    Love this cover! It couldn’t be more up my alley. Thank you Stacey Baker, NYT and Horacio Salinas.